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    Carrier Call provides an easy-to-use web based trouble ticket system for its customers to report issues and access operation guides 7x24. This allows our customers to be notified and gain access to updates in real time, enhancing communication and allowing for quick resolution on any issues. Carrier Call's Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) works as an interface of the different internal parts of the Carrier Call organization. The aim is to streamline the communication for issue/problem resolution and drive product improvement for the customers.

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Carrier Call is a highly experienced vendor of voice trading and interconnect solutions, which improve the business performance of telecommunications operators trading and exchanging national and international voice traffic. Our background as a consultancy and software manufacturer company for such carriers has allowed us to develop products and services that meet today’s market requirements now and in the future. Carrier Call has applied their unique industry expertise in all customer projects, ensuring that every client’s specific needs had been taken into consideration before implementing Carrier Call’s software suite.

Carrier Call works with many of the world’s most prominent and successful wholesale and retail carriers and strive forward to continuously improve their business line. It is this dedication for customer satisfaction that enables Carrier Call to build long-term relationships with its clients.

Since Carrier Call is fully independent and has no interest nor investment dependencies, Carrier Call applies to be one of the few companies in the telecommunication software industry that can act independently and focus solely on their customers.