Carrier Call GmbH
Your business partner for telecommunications and more...

Carrier Call is a leading global provider of innovative communication software products, solutions and services. Carrier Call’s solutions enable telecom carriers to monetize on any voice interconnection and meet mainstream, niche and individual wholesale and retail market segment requirements.

Carrier Call's solutions provide advanced:

  • management of supplier and customer pricelists
  • management of bilateral agreements
  • management of costs, rates and margins
  • management of least cost routing plans (LCR)
  • provisioning of traditional switch- and new generation network (NGN) / platforms
  • telecom fraud analysis, management and blocking of fraudulent traffic and activities
  • analysis of voice traffic and its quality
  • management of billing and invoicing
  • rating, guiding and post processing of retail and wholesale CDR streams
  • conversion of XDRs, assembling and mediation functionality
  • analysis and cleansing of data
  • archive functionality
  • data protection features to meet (international) regulatory acts

Carrier Call products are based on leading software and system architectures and are not just extensions to existing telecommunication legacy systems and billing platforms.
The Carrier Call framework is designed to address the worldwide fixed and mobile voice telephony market and allows to expand the business for future requirements and technologies. The products and services are independent of transmission layers and protocols. Carrier Call delivers solutions to enable customers to make more money of their services and infrastructures than competition.


Our History

Carrier Call is a privately held Swiss company established in 2003. It was primarily founded to challenge the status quo of static traffic management and low margin voice carrier business. Carrier Call is staffed with highly qualified people that have many years of experience in the international telecommunication business, Information Technology, software development and business process modeling.