Carrier Call GmbH
Your business partner for telecommunications and more...

Carrier Call is a privately held Swiss company established in 2003. It was primarily founded to challenge the status quo of static traffic management and low margin voice carrier business. Carrier Call is staffed with highly qualified people that have many years of experience in the international telecommunication business, Information Technology, software development and business process modeling. In 2005, the company was transformed into a GmbH and in 2019 to a public limited company (AG) under Swiss law and is still owned and managed by the initial founders.

Carrier Call is using its own made development framework which is built on “Scrum framework methodology” and delivers iterative transparency from the beginning until the end of each process and development stage.

The focus on our customers, who are daily challenging us with new requirements as well as upcoming regulatory changes, are keeping us at the top of the possible knowledge in order to act immediate on any upcoming challenge. As an experienced team close to customers and to the market, we are always exploring new technologies to produce a competitive advantage for our customers.

As a 100% independent and neutral company with no interest links, Carrier Call can produce total satisfaction to current and future customers by adapting any new and advanced technology, by building relationships to regulatory authorities, by using any soft- or hardware vendor or billing platform service provider.