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upc – Leading Provider of Communications and Entertainment

UPC is one of the leading telecom and media providers in Austria and a subsidiary of Liberty Global. UPC Austria, together with UPC Switzerland, represents the regional organization Austria / Switzerland. UPC is a leading provider of communications and entertainment in Austria and Switzerland. The company provides 2 million private and business customers with fast and easy access to the digital world via fiber optic cables - at home and on the road. With more than 2,600 employees from 54 countries, the subsidiary of the British Liberty Global plc generated sales of EUR 1.62 billion in 2016.

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"XFraud's excellent targeting and simultaneous improvement of response time ensures high protection, which also benefits our customers."

Denis Kernstock
Billing - Risk & Fraud, Billing & Collection
upc Austria

After upc Switzerland, upc Austria also protects its customers very effectively against fraud using XFraud

Initial Situation

From 2010 onwards, fraudulent activities on the telephone systems of business and private customers have increased in the telecommunications sector. As an immediate measure, most operators used their own Fraud solution to reduce the time windows of fraud and lower their manual support effort. Carrier Call offered a solution to protect the customers from financial damage by introducing the fully automatic and sustainable fraud solution XFraud.


In October 2015, Carrier Call GmbH started implementing XFraud for upc Austria. After very brief but detailed analysis of the system setup on site, the XFraud-suite went into service already at the beginning of 2016. Especially the different structures of business and private customers on different switches represented a great challenge, which Carrier Call solved to the fullest satisfaction of the customer. The fraud rules and monitoring of the XFraud system have since then been operated extremely efficient by Carrier Call's managed service model. Triggered by precisely defined thresholds, the XFraud alerting processes automatically open trouble tickets at upc Austria's helpdesk and affected telephone customers are directly notified via e-mail or SMS. The XFraud system autonomously recognizes involved customer connections and all destinations are proactively blocked for protection - emergency numbers excluded. After technical detection and solution only, as well as in consultation with the customers, the telephone services are unlocked and released again.

Customer Benefits

With XFraud by Carrier Call, an improvement in response time and a very high degree of automation of the alarm and blocking processes and thus, a solid protection of the telephone customers of upc Austria has been achieved. This increased customer satisfaction, reduced the bad debt ratio and the number of complaints and thus cut the overall burden on problem handling. Upc Austria's telephone customers very much appreciate the protection and defense screen that XFraud has created. The datamining of fraud cases is analyzed in the system and can be simulated as well. Therefore, the degree of protection can be continuously adapted and expanded for all customers.

Upc Austria appreciates the intensive collaboration with Carrier Call and their on-site support. The use of Carrier Call specialists is always fast and flexible. In addition to a quick response to open requests, specific recommendations for new rules and optimizations are also made. By transferring system support to Carrier Call, a reliable, transparent and comprehensive solution could be implemented with a low load on upc Austria's own resources.