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UPC Switzerland
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UPC Switzerland – largest Swiss cable network provider

upc cablecom has been offering communication solutions for businesses since 1999. The leading cable network company quickly positioned itself successfully as the "best corporate network carrier" in the Swiss market. Today, around 11,000 large and medium-sized businesses from all industries rely on the flexible and innovative communication solutions provided by upc cablecom business.


"By using Carrier Call's XFraud platform, we can protect our customers proactively before substantial monetary damages occur. This service is unique in Switzerland."

Josef Furger
Product & Process Manager Data & Voice
UPC Business

UPC Switzerland protects their customers with XFraud efficiently against fraud

The Past

As of 2010, UPC Business detected and documented increased fraudulent activities (fraud) on telephony installations with business customers. Hacked customer PBXs produced high telephony bills, surprising the customers unaware of the intrusions. The effect: Angry and frustrated UPC Business clients. The financial damage had to be urgently prevented. As an immediate action, UPC Business realized an interim in-house solution to reduce the time between detecting the fraudulent activity and alarming the end customer. Reducing this time-window is critical to lower the manual support intervention needed and to protect customers from attacks. In parallel, a fully-automated and long-term external solution had to be evaluated and procured to protect UPC Business’ telephony customers against financial and reputational damages.


In May 2013 Carrier Call GmbH received an order to realize an automated anti-fraud solution. Following a very detailed, on-site analysis of the system setup, the implementation of the XFraud suite was completed in October 2013 followed by the start of the operational phase. The server-hardware was procured by UPC Business and installed in its own datacenter with Carrier Call installing its XFraud on it. Since October 2013 Carrier Call is efficiently operating the fraud-rules and the XFraud-system-monitoring. The Carrier Call’s managed service model integrates seamlessly into the UPC Business operational processes. The XFraud-alarm-points, triggered by precisely defined thresholds, automatically open trouble tickets with the dedicated UPC Switzerland helpdesk and inform involved telephony customers without delay by e-mail or SMS. XFraud easily detects which customer voice-lines are affected. All telephone-destinations, except emergency-, Swiss fixed-line- and mobile-numbers, are proactively blocked to prevent customers from damage. Only after the in depth fraud analysis and resolution, and in consultancy with the responsible customer representative, business customer's telephony services will be unblocked and restored to normal operations.


By using Carrier Call’s XFraud-system, a high degree of automation of both, the alarm- and blocking-processes, was achieved allowing to protect UPC Business’ telephony customers from damage. The individual customer damage of tens of thousands of Swiss Francs per case could be reduced to just a few Francs. The UPC Business telephony customers are grateful that the XFraud-system is protecting them proactively with a defense umbrella against external fraudulent attacks. Data-mining of fraud cases is constantly analyzed and simulated within the system allowing to continuously adapt and expand the degree of protection for all customers. The intense cooperation between Carrier Call and UPC Business has been greatly appreciated. The work of Carrier Call’s specialists has been constantly agile, responsive, competent and flexible. Open questions have been quickly answered and issues solved rapidly. Overall satisfaction of UPC Switzerland and their telephony end-customers has increased significantly since Carrier Call’s XFraud system is being used.