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To use the XCarrier application, your browser needs to have a SUN Java virtual machine (Commonly known as Java Plug-in) installed. XCarrier supports any current version of the most common web-browsers.


The following message will indicate the installation status of Java on your system. If all necessary components are installed and your system is ready to use XCarrier you will see the XCarrier launch button. Click the button, and you can download and start XCarrier immediately.


The XCarrier trial version is provided as is, accessible without password or user registration and free of charge. This public version is not for productive use. Any uploaded or modified data, resulting tariff and LCR plans are viewable by anybody using this public trial version. We reserve the right to delete any persistent data without prior notice. If you wish to use private data in a closed, non productive trial environment, please register using our contact form and ask for a private trial.

XCarrier trial software is provided as a convenience only and not supported by Carrier Call. We can not take any responsibility for any use of the trial version in either the public or registered mode. Any implicit or explicit damages resulting from using this software are declined by Carrier Call or any of its representatives.

We recommend:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 9.0 or above)
  • Firefox (Version 10 or above)
  • Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
  • Sun Java Plug-in
    (JRE Version 1.7 or above).

If you can't see any message nor the animated button for launching the XCarrier application, please check your browser settings, whether Java is installed and enabled. Any red status message indicates a problem which prevents XCarrier from running properly.

To install a new Java Version or to check the actual browser settings, your computer account needs local administrator rights. We recommend installing the latest Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems. Please use the following installation link and follow the instructions on the site.

GetJava Download Button