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Carrier Call is committed to teaching and empowering customers to optimally use Carrier Call products. Carrier Call's professional training team delivers high quality, insightful training that is essential to the ongoing success of our customer's voice trading implementation and business overall. Our goal is to help you to deliver services and products today, and effectively plan for the future, by taking advantage of evolving trends and staying ahead of technological change.

Our learning services department delivers state-of-the-art programs that use timely course development methodologies and delivery techniques. We provide training for all groups associated with system installations, maintenance and operational support by using a modular approach, covering product knowledge and core competencies associated with each product. Each training course is designed to reinforce specific learning objectives and provides opportunities for informal review at appropriate intervals. A variety of delivery strategies contribute to the involvement and interest of all participants.

Our Training Packages
Carrier Call offers training in standard, 'on the job training' and customized packages. Standard packages that cater to team functions are offered by default, however 'on the job training' or customized training to capture your specific environment can be provided if this service better fits your needs. We complement our standard courses with practical and relevant scenario-based workshops to supplement the course learning objectives and develop your team into specialists. Ultimately, our training is meant to offer you competency in soft skills, technical skills and operational best practices to get your teams up-and-running right away.

Our Audience
The courses are divided into levels in terms of the materials provided; therefore target audiences may differ from course to course. For example, the technical courses we provide may be targeted at audiences with an IT and / or voice Switch Engineering background, whereas the overview courses are targeted for the general audience.

Our Process
Carrier Call onsite training is geared towards the convenience, practicality and overall effectiveness of training delivery using a combination of written and verbal material in a comprehensive learning environment. Carrier Call works directly with the assigned training prime to ensure all preparations are made beforehand.