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Telecom operators are facing unprecedented competition from innovative VoIP providers, internet service providers and rich content and media providers as data ARPU accelerates to exceed voice. This trend, and the pressure to innovate and add value while continuing to drive down both capital and operational expenditure, means there is a growing demand for strategic managed service suppliers, such as Carrier Call, to offer increasing levels of support and maintenance right up to fully managed services.

Through Carrier Call's established Managed Services model, Carrier Call is able to offer additional expertise and benefits in economies of scale achieved through managing the Carrier Call platform (XCarrier) for Carrier Call customers globally. The Managed Services support model provides operators with significant operational savings through risk mitigation and overhead cost reductions. The Managed Services arrangement builds upon best-in-class software solutions and establishes a single overall operations contract under which Carrier Call will provide, operate, support and maintain the solution; reporting on the solution's performance and reliability against an agreed set of service levels.

  • Operator pressure on capital and operational expenditure due to profitability and efficiency needs arising from faster changing markets and their competitive threats
  • Capital expenditure – normally cited as better allocation of capital than savings; with a focus on more strategic needs
  • Efficiency: Focus on core competencies and leverage partnership strategies
  • Pressure on technology change, business model change, increasing complexity, consolidation – drives simplification of internal business process, headcount and operations
  • Focus on brand, customer value-add, and customer service management
  • Manage according to SLAs and KPIs, with an eye towards continuous improvement
  • Catalyst for change – organizational focus on industry trends, customer service, and business process improvements

Carrier Call Managed Services provides the following benefits:

  • Reduction in capital expenditures (hardware, software licenses, data center & infrastructure)
  • Reduction in operational expenditures (people, software & SLA)
  • High system availability, performance and quality
  • Increased and faster return on investment from the solution