Carrier Call GmbH
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Carrier Call is committed to the immediate success of every one, who implements one of our solutions.

The Team
Carrier Call's expert Solutions Delivery team ensures complete end-to-end delivery of complex solutions, regardless of project size and scope; on time and in accordance with our customers' requirements. This team of professionals is chartered with execution, delivery and handoff of all Carrier Call solutions. We bring strong industry and technical expertise, proven effectiveness in Tier 1, 2 and 3 environments, as well as multi-vendor network experience. We stand ready to help your company get the most business value from your investments in your voice trading platform from Carrier Call.

Our Objectives
We strive to help you achieve key business objectives more quickly and easily. Carrier Call's solutions are grounded in a deep understanding of the existing and emerging needs of telecommunication operators. In fact, our development strategy depends upon keeping close watch on what your carrier customers want, so we can be of utmost value in helping you reach them.

Our engagement model is structured for risk management and ultimate customer success. Our processes, methods and tools are mature, flexible and with customer advocacy being an internal theme. We work to deliver your customizable voice trading platform from implementation through to integration with both on-site and remote integration and support.