Carrier Call GmbH
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Carrier Call treats the first sale to a new customer as the beginning of a long-term relationship. A key part of this relationship is the post-sale support we provide to each customer. Support that is tailored to each customer's unique requirements and environment.

TAC – Technical Assistance Centers
Carrier Call's Technical Assistance Center (TAC) provides an effective carrier-grade product support designed to meet our customers' highest standards of systems reliability and availability. Our specially trained technical support teams are highly skilled and multi-functional, multi-language skilled with expertise spanning our entire product line, professional services and underlying databases, operating systems and networks.

TAC interfaces with the different internal parts of the Carrier Call organization to streamline the communication of issue/problem resolution. TAC also liaises with Carrier Call's Product Managers to drive product improvement. The TAC team is absolutely committed to delivering on the Service Level Agreements we sign with our customers, with objectives to exceed customer expectations.

Carrier Call's TAC Centers of Excellence are strategically located in Switzerland to ensure optimum support for our global customer base. Local support is provided through our partner and resellers worldwide.

Trouble Tickets
Carrier Call's easy-to-use web based trouble ticket system allows Carrier Call customers to report issues and access operation guides 7x24. This allows our customers to be notified and gain access to updates in real time, enhancing communication and allowing for quick resolution on any issues.