Carrier Call GmbH
Your business partner for telecommunications and more...

Carrier Call delivers the powerful voice trading platform XCarrier which integrates business, operating and service support system functions in one central software suite.

The software suite directly supports your daily voice business processes and trading activities with a centralized overall view on your carrier voice business. Supported by our own professional services, the suite is integrated into your environment.

Call minute trading and rating is a highly complex business, with hundreds of continuously changing factors. Dealing with a high volume of information and making decisions based on a constant flood of information requires a rock solid and proven system for your daily trading business. Our solutions bring you ahead of your competition and put you in best position. The XCarrier suite fully automates your business and ties seamlessly into your existing legacy operational systems and can even provision your voice carrier network elements in shortest intervals (per quarterly hour).

The XCarrier suite is your first choice to optimize your local and/or international wholesale and retail voice business. XCarrier acts as a central trading platform for all your current and future traffic cases. Automate your trading business and keep track of every switched second of your trading activities and business decisions. Go ahead of your competition and react immediately to market changes with a highly integrated system. To support different business models and processes, the XCarrier suite is very flexible and offers configurable options per user.

Carrier Call is your partner of choice for delivering the leading next generation voice trading platform and for integrating it seamlessly into your operations environment.