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The XCarrier Suite gives you the business agility to act in today's fast moving and changing market. The system provides end users from various parts of your organization with one consistent view and fully optimized process support. The holistic approach targets not only routing and switch implementation aspects, it also offers best practice functionality for the design of your product portfolio, follow-up capabilities with sophisticated drill down analysis and key performance indicators (KPIs) for controlling or datamining purposes.

XCarrier is the base and main module for your efficient and scalable telecommunication wholesale and retail business. XCarrier is a complete voice trading platform which includes all functionality serving up to the enterprise level based on an extremely fast Oracle database kernel. The platform can be hosted on any platform, which is supported by the Oracle database. Most common today is the installation of the XCarrier Application Suite on Linux, Microsoft Windows 2008R2 or Solaris operating systems.

Carrier Call's XCarrier software suite addresses key business drivers for telecommunications companies by:

  • Optimizing margins:
    It provides increased negotiating power across all routes, also including routes which are currently not managed on a daily basis. The platform allows frequent visits to the public trading market with little effort to optimize margins.
  • Increasing revenue opportunities:
    XCarrier provides proactive information to catch a deal on special prices, discounts and short term low price offerings to increase short term revenue opportunities.
  • Displaying code mismatches:
    Inconsistent international dial-codes between your supplier and your own settings can cause negative margins and high financial risks because calculations and end-user prices are based on incorrect assumptions. For instance, if you believe to terminate calls to a fix-line destination but your supplier has the same prefix assigned to a mobile destination, you run the risk to be charged at a higher rate than assumed. XCarrier is making you immediately aware of code differences and highlights potential risks in a clear report to you.
  • Improving operating efficiencies:
    Direct integration and links of procurement results into the switching and billing system environment improves operating processes and efficiency massively, hence automate processes to a large portion.