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XBilat is a module which handles agreements between you and your connected operators where rates/cost and/or volumes and revenues are committed or exchanged for specific time periods. As bilateral agreements are in close connection which rates, costs and least cost routing, the system takes the maintenance of all other parts as a master and supports you with graphical information and notification functionality.

In close cooperation with market experts, Carrier Call added an all inclusive bilateral module XBilat to its range of solutions.

To go more into detail, you are able to define exactly what should happen at the start of the bilateral agreement, e.g. force routing, overrule rates and costs, and at the end of the agreement the exclusion of the carrier from routings and keep the routing force. Additionally, when you reached every single volume step set in the bilateral agreement, you are free to group one or more destinations into one «bilat-destination» as a group commitment.

The module is able to handle bilateral costs for billing and calculated costs for your least cost routing to meet all your requirements.

On top there is a graphical overview which enables you to check the status of your agreements at a glance in different charts.

To take the most benefit of XBilat, it is recommended to use it in combination with live data of the XRate module.