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Trading large amount of minutes, broad routing over worldwide prefix-destinations opens the space for possible fraud cases. To protect yourself, you have to constantly review a wide range of information to detect possible fraud cases, abnormal traffic patterns, high call volumes on exotic destination, etc. It is practically impossible to do this job manually since most of the time; fraud cases are smartly set up and happen often when you are not in the office or when you don't expect it.
XFraud is a module, which analyzes voice traffic on basis of different parameter settings to detect possible or effective fraud automatically. Abnormal increase of traffic, no matter if we consider minutes, call attempts or money-values are monitored, recognized and displayed in the XFraud module. On the basis of this advanced information, the Carrier Relation Manager or the Fraud Detection Department can coordinate and concentrate on further resolution activities or commercial-legal investigations.

The XFraud module grants a perfect coordinated interaction between fraud detection, alarming and action management for automated fraud handling. According to your preferred course of action the system will act as a major information hub, which triggers a customized set of activities. The open specification interface makes sure that you can react immediately on any possible new threat in the rapidly changing telecom environment.

Automated fraud handling includes also automatic blocking mechanism for carriers, customers or subscriber numbers, as well as the information update to - for example - a trouble ticketing system. Any information is visible in the XFraud module and can be sent to various contacts via e-mail or SMS. The information in the system is provided in tabular format and supported by graphs. You are able to get exactly the needed information within a few clicks in one master view– for example: Customer / Destination / Status / CDR information / Action...
At any time you are able to react on each situation immediately.

In addition to the above mentioned fraud scenarios a competitive traffic monitoring tool is also built in. On the basis of self-defined thresholds you are able to outline corridors for customers or customer groups where your traffic can range within a certain period. You will be notified if - for example - a customer increases traffic above the limit to a certain destination or set of destinations. Reaching a predefined level will also result in a fraud case, which will be handled properly.

Besides of fraud detection on the customer side there is a huge challenge to detect and predict wholesale fraud. XFraud monitors a wide range of data attributes to identify suspicious or fraudulent traffic activity near real time. XFraud grants the maximum possible protection against fraud attacks no matter if they are on the operator (wholesale) side or on the customer (retail) side.