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XInvoice produces invoices that can be directly sent to carrier customers. The module is a logical enhancement of XRate with a standardized built-in address module. On the basis of rated voice traffic, combined with operator and finance specific information, XInvoice is able to create, transmit electronically (PDF) and archive your customer wholesale invoices on a regular basis that you can freely defined.

A very flexible configuration set-up enables you to use different languages, wordings, payment terms etc. on your customer-invoices. Tax and discount opportunities are available to be applied easily. Headers and footers are open and configurable for your individual text and picture information, e.g. PR messages. The invoice output can be saved in the file system, downloaded or directly sent to your customer in common PDF-Format.

Additionally to monthly invoices, you are able to set up your own invoice-periods and produce account-based invoices. You define which granularity and detail level the information on the invoice shall include. It is also possible to add different data sets to your invoice – for example first-pagers with customer-address and total amounts, followed by detailed information as annex or separate pages. All information is available extra as CSV-file output for large amount of data and if you wish to post-process them in Microsoft Excel.

The invoice archive stores all produced invoices as well a preliminary versions. With XInvoice, you are well prepared for future requirements and audits for compliance reasons.