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XRate is the next generation rating engine that provides you with real-time rated data. It rates all your CDR's – national or international and with all specialties necessary - rapidly on one rating engine and provides a common view over your processed call records. There is no need to split unrated CDR's and run ratings on different systems. You can just run your unrated CDR's through XRate and receive accurate retail and wholesale rated CDR's, so called XDRs. Developed and tuned for Oracle's new enterprise database, XRate is one of the fastest rating engines available in the market today. You might need to use such a powerful engine for near real-time rating or in order to rerate your CDRs to catch up with changed market conditions.

You should not accept limitations of today's rating and billing systems which require having their own dedicated Call Detail Record (CDR) streams. Reconciling these dedicated streams for an overall rate and margin calculation is nearly impossible or very error prone at least. Why should run two separate costly environments for your retail and wholesale voice traffic? You can combine this in XRate to save time, money and improve accuracy and consistency at the same time. Use XRate to handle both wholesale and retail CDR streams in one high performance environment as well and save operational as well as systems cost and resources.

XRate is open for every available CDR format, no matter whether it is provided of a classic TDM switch or an advanced VoIP technology system. The CDR information will be converted to the XRate standard format and processed in one step. During the rating process, each call will be evaluated according to your own setup and on the basis of the supplier definitions. Both results are available for your convenience.

XRate is an important module for more detailed information in XCarrier, which again helps you to take decisions in your daily business. Imagine the availability of quantity and quality of your sent and received real time data at a glance during negotiations. This is a very powerful information already sitting in XCarrier. You also can find your own data in a second step grouped in different views to check your margins, quality-levels and any other information provided in the CDRs in XStat, XCarrier's easy-to-use reporting engine.