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XRecon supports you in verifying your supplier's invoices. Invoice reconciliation is a big challenge in the international carrier business and can end in disputes between suppliers and buyers. The invoice reconciliation module XRecon compares supplier invoices with actual own data and highlights differences on usage and amount. XRecon is able to handle time-based definitions as peak, off-peak or weekend rates.

For your comfort, the rated CDR data can automatically be transferred to the XRecon module. You are able to upload the supplier invoice with an open import specification, to make sure each operator format could be loaded easily. You then can decide to automatically map destinations. On the other hand, you are able to allocate destinations manually via drag and drop mechanisms on your screens. It is also possible to relate to dialed phone numbers instead of destinations, if this is needed in your national business. The changes are stored in log-file versions, to allow you post-process this information.

A data match overview enables you to check the supplier's invoices in a few steps quickly. Flexible sort and filter criteria help you to verify the differences, additional information on dispute areas are highlighted.