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XStat is the statistics module that displays enhanced statistical information, pre-configured views, Business Intelligence information and the functionality to drill down into processed data.

The statistics module includes compacted data on the basis of the rated information in the module XRate. The data is available in various granularity levels. In some cases, it might be necessary to have grouped data by destination, prefix and carrier, each in a different context or post processed and calculated, such as a margin report. Additional useful information as quality related information like ASR, PDD, NER or business related information like costs, rates and margins for your traffic analysis are visible or configurable in easy-to-set-up reports. Whenever possible, the data is also shown in charts and graphs or has benchmark indicators to speed up your analysis. Flexible sort and filter criteria help you to verify the information directly on the screen.

With XStat, management reports are quickly set up and can be retrieved on a regular basis.