Invoicing and Presentation


XInvoice produces regular carrier invoices on the revenue and cost side.

This ensures the timely provision of invoices to carrier customers and suppliers. 

Supplier invoices are created as “shadow invoices”. Invoice information is highly aggregated down to the smallest detail and can be created to suit customer requirements. Invoices are provided in standardized, electronic formats.


Electronic Invoices

  • XInvoice enables the provision of electronic data for invoices to the benefit of customers. This primarily addresses carriers’ or external clearing houses’ finance/accounts payable departments. Carriers are increasingly using external billing service providers.
  • XInvoice provides invoices in various electronic industry standards:
    • PDF/A or XML, including attachments for details
    • .csv, .xlsx spreadsheet formats
  • The provision of all the invoice information is either highly condensed or down to the smallest detail (individual area code). This can be defined individually for each carrier customer.

Customer Added Value

Correctness and Efficiency
Accurate XInvoice invoices enable faster debtor payment by avoiding errors through structuring.

Carriers can choose how much detail to include in their invoices.

Automation/Digitalization of Administration
XInvoice invoices are provided in an extremely wide variety of electronic and post-processable formats. This allows process automation to be driven further.