Invoice Controlling


Invoice verification and reconciliation

XRecon allows invoice verification and compares incoming carrier invoices with its own system information (carrier suppliers’ shadow invoices) and highlights differences.


Comparison of Internal vs. External Rating

  • Comparison of internal calculated ratings and effective third-party invoices.
  • Differences are shown in absolute terms (currency) and pro rata (%).
  • Billing and date formats between carriers often aren’t congruent, so the basics need to be normalized internally. The following steps are taken to achieve this:
    • Importing electronic carrier supplier invoices
    • Assigning the supplier invoice to the shadow invoice
    • Limiting to the defined period (e.g. month)
    • Have all the comparable calls been settled (completeness)?
    • If there are differences, they are assessed and provided to the commercial trading team so that any corrections can be made.

Customer Added Value

Normalization and Comparability
Invoices are normalized and made comparable. Invoice control can therefore take place in detail.

Minimization of Differences and Disputes
Any differences can be quickly identified and corrected on both sides. Commercial disputes are therefore avoided.

Maximization of Reliability
Using XRecon helps to maximize reliability as a contract partner and market the positive carrier image.