Interconnection and Wholesale Bilateral Agreements


Bilateral agreements

XBilat enables bilateral traffic agreements between carriers.

Commercial conditions like prices, costs, volumes, etc., are defined, agreed, implemented and reviewed for specific periods of time.

XBilat is fully integrated with the operational infrastructures, switches and billing system components through the system, thus automating operations in the long term.


Bilateral Commercial Carrier Agreements
Prices, costs and volume levels bilaterally agreed between wholesale partners are individually defined, reviewed and populated with individual destinations or destination groups over an agreed period of time.

Processing Settlement Elements
XBilat processes all commercial settlement elements and calculates appropriate routing plans to meet bilateral requirements in the defined time periods.

Graphical Support
The system provides graphical support for buyers and sellers by visualizing the statuses of bilateral agreements for each wholesale partner.

When combined with the XBilat application, live data from the XRate application generates considerable added value for users for targeted commercial negotiations.

Reports by Volume

Bilaterally agreed volumes are graphically visualized by XBilat and can be actively used by the trading teams for control purposes.

The trading teams can thus more easily argue and resolve any excesses or shortfalls in the planned voice traffic with the other party.

Reports by Volume

Customer Added Value


  • Negotiations become shorter and time to market is reduced due to bilateral agreements through the use of XBilat.
  • Bilateral trade agreements are more reliably satisfied and systematically reported and controlled by XBilat.
  • System reports show current flows and accumulated volumes to buyers and sellers at any time.


  • Bilateral trade agreements make volume flows predictable.
  • XBilat systematically and optimally supports wholesale traders with planning and implementation activities.

Network efficiency

  • Trunk capacities are put to better use and the overall network efficiency is optimized.