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1&1 Versatel gains its customers’ and partners’ trust and secures competitive advantages by using XCarrier and continuously optimizing its business

1&1 Versatel’s Voice Carrier Department in the Purchasing and Sales Division was being restructured. The outdated process and tool landscape was to be automated with a powerful, professional setup.

1&1 Versatel chose the XCarrier platform and Carrier Call AG in a demanding international bidding process. Carrier Call did more than just meet the various technical requirements; it also impressed with its personal commitment and passion for serving customers like 1&1 Versatel as long-term business partners.


1&1 Versatel bought the XCarrier platform under license and installed it in its in-house data center in record time with the help of Carrier Call’s Professional Service Team.

The focus was on seamless integration into the existing billing solution, the various carrier switches and the new-generation network (NGN), which was being added at that time. 1&1 Versatel ensures XCarrier’s basic operation; it is also optimally complemented by the “Extended Service” and the associated, direct and personal Carrier Call contact. The two business partners’ competencies are deployed such that 1&1 Versatel’s ongoing wholesale and business customer operations can be run in the very best, most targeted way at all times.

Customer Benefits

XCarrier meets connected carriers’ variable and complex requirements and needs as appropriate. They can even be initialized and controlled in an extremely flexible way – without any need for additional programming on Carrier Call’s part.

In particular, the 1&1 Versatel team uses the XCarrier platform’s XBilat and XRate modules to check voice volume and money flows on a daily basis. Any deviations from contractual agreements are now recognized immediately and can be corrected before any damage occurs. Different users use the varied XCarrier analysis options in line with their personal preferences, e.g. user-friendly graphical interfaces or number-based table views.

The time and process gains achieved through using XCarrier, and the high degree of automation, for example controlling the XCarrier network elements, enable higher-quality and more focused activities for all the teams involved at 1&1 Versatel. This means that wholesale and business customers can look forward to more attentive assistance and advice. Wholesale customers in particular, as well as the 1&1 Versatel departments, appreciate the huge increase in transparency and quality since the system was introduced. The confidence in the data, its availability and the system’s performance was achieved or continuously surpassed through the day-to-day commitment of everyone involved in ongoing operation.

The XCarrier platform allows us to work at least six times faster than before and makes us as precise as a Swiss watch.

Carsten Sinn
Key Account Manager, 1&1 Versatel
Josef Furgler