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Sunrise UPC uses XFraud to efficiently protect its customers from fraud

UPC Business (now integrated into Sunrise UPC) had been detecting and documenting increasing fraudulent activities on its business customers’ telephone systems since 2010. Hacked customer telephone systems were producing high phone bills, surprising and angering mainly unsuspecting customers.

As an immediate measure, UPC Business developed its own fraud solution to reduce the fraud case time windows and to lessen the time and effort required for manual support. In parallel, UPC Business started the evaluation process for a fully automatic and sustainable fraud solution with a view to improving and enhancing the efficiency of its business customer protection operations to keep them from suffering financial losses in the future.


Carrier Call was awarded the contract to implement this solution in May 2013. After conducting a very short detailed analysis of the system setup on site, the XFraud suite operations were started in October 2013.

UPC Business procured the hardware and installed it in its own data center. Carrier Call added XFraud on top of that. Carrier Call has since put the fraud rules and monitoring of the XFraud system to extremely efficient use in a managed service model. The XFraud alerting processes, which are triggered by precisely defined thresholds, automatically open trouble tickets at the UPC Switzerland helpdesk and inform affected telephone customers directly by email or text message. The XFraud system independently detects the customer connections involved. All the destinations, except emergency numbers and Swiss landline and cell phone numbers, are proactively blocked to protect the customer. Only once the technical detection and solution are complete are the telephone services unblocked and released in consultation with the customer.

Customer Benefits

Carrier Call’s XFraud deployment has enabled a very high level of automation in the alerting and blocking processes, thus protecting UPC Business telephone customers.

They are very grateful that a protective and defensive shield has been created through the use of XFraud. Fraud case data mining is analyzed in the system and can be simulated so that the degree of protection can be continuously adapted and expanded for all customers.

UPC Business appreciates their close cooperative relationship with Carrier Call. Deployment of Carrier Call specialists is very fast and flexible at all times. Unanswered questions are responded to quickly and solved immediately. The satisfaction of both UPC Business and its telephony end customers has increased significantly since XFraud was first deployed. Confidence in UPC Business voice services has increased. Sunrise UPC is the first provider in Switzerland to protect its customers from financial losses proactively by using Carrier Call’s XFraud system.

By using Carrier Call AG’s XFraud system, we can proactively protect our customers from large financial losses. We’re the only company in Switzerland to offer this service.

Josef Furger
Senior Product Manager B2B, Sunrise UPC
Josef Furgler