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XCarrier Plattform
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  • XCarrier is hosted in customer or external data centers. Oracle database technologies form the foundation of high-performance data processing.
  • Master and transaction data is imported from defined source systems, temporarily stored in the XCarrier data lake, enriched with further data, completed, integrated and then processed.
  • Structured data from all XCarrier databases is available at any time to all XCarrier applications and customer applications in a preprocessed form.

Customer Added Value

XCarrier is the generic development and application platform for discerning companies and for many industries.

  • It produces SOX-compliant, traceable and auditable security and data management
  • XCarrier is ideal for regulated markets that place the highest demands on data management and data processing

XCarrier’s modular structure enables both very generic and, at the same time, very specific applications

Go-to-market times for new and targeted services are significantly sped up by using the appropriate XCarrier Platform

The XCarrier Platform/Solution can be operated by very few specialized personnel – with maximum efficiency, presently unchallenged in terms of performance and effectiveness.

ZeitintervallSystemleistung – Anzahl Datensätze
One day
  • 2.4 billion data records
  • XCarrier as a system is not the limiting factor – Storage speed is the limiting factor, which is again a question of investment
One hour

> 100 million

  • XCarrier provides lightning-fast, secure motion data processing and provision/display
  • Parallel systems can be easily added for peak performance (grid computing capable).

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