XCarrier Entwicklungsplattform


Development Platform

XCarrier Entwicklungsplattform

Design Standards
The XCarrier development platform enforces design standards and unique naming conventions. Tables, fields, views, constraints, indexes, synonyms, types and objects are centrally defined and monitored on a daily basis. Integrated and automated quality checks detect potential errors immediately and notify the developers. Any manipulation in the databases is documented unambiguously so that it is verifiable and traceable. Automatic code revisions are carried out directly in the database. When coding, automated, web-based documentation is created. The integrated application XDesk automatically produces work orders for the developers and release notes for XCarrier users.

Database Designer
In the database designer, database objects such as tables, relations, views, types, synonyms, packages, etc., are created according to design specifications. Objects are registered in a modularized manner with all the necessary subjects. This enables fast prototyping.

GUI Designer
The graphical user interface designer allows you to easily create masks that are configured rather than hard-coded. Established design rules are observed and monitored. Basic masks can be created automatically based on database objects. Various predefined GUI components are available to developers, such as screen size, dialogs, graphic elements, box, tab, scroll and split windows. Various preferences such as fonts, sizes, zoom factor, etc., can be individually selected and saved by the user.

Application Functionalities
Unlike many other software producers, the development of application functions or functionalities doesn’t take place in the GUI, but in the backend and the database, where they are centrally available to applications. A common code base practice is also followed to ensure generic reusability of code and developments. This enables fast prototyping.

Unit Test Module
A unit test module integrated in the XCarrier development platform enables daily verification of individual functions or related function blocks within the overall context. This ensures automated and regular regression testing and thus significantly increases the quality of the XCarrier Platform.

Integrated XWiki and XDesk Applications
The XWiki Help system is integrated in XCarrier. The developed GUI objects are automatically recorded and documented here. New customer requirements are recorded in the XDesk application and managed in the work-order form (tasks). Accepted tasks are assigned to developers in modularized form. Modifications, amendments and adjustments are continuously recorded and tracked. This structured approach means nothing is left to chance and the implementation work can be planned, executed and safely transitioned into operational use.