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XProv is a module that populates voice switches automatically with the most up to date least cost routing plans or LCR data (switch provisioning). The switch update process varies from manually taken steps (MML file is created in the system and will be shared via file interface) to fully automatic processed schedules. XProv supports routing plans with the requirement of daily prices and quality changes of underlying suppliers and helps you to react instantly on issues with marginal time-impact and effort.

Accurately implemented LCR plans subsequently increase your margins and prevent from losses. At the same time the voice quality can be maintained at a high level.

XProv supports any available voice switch format, no matter if it is a classic TDM switch or an advance VoIP system. Regardless whether the switch-provisioning is based on codes or destinations, XProv can handle either or. Additionally, multi-switch environments are properly supported by XProv and XCarrier platform.

Voice provisioning is done in a few steps only. As a first step, it is necessary to import the current status of the switch configuration into the XCarrier system as reference. According to your planned changes in the LCR, depending on cost changes, quality measures or business decisions, a new routing is defined in the system. Based on the delta of the actual and the future status, a command file will be produced. The output file has to be transferred to the switch and the provisioning is done. After the update of the voice switch, normally a log-file is available. This log-file could be again be uploaded in the XCarrier system to have full visibility of what has really be implemented on the switch for provisioning-reconciliation purposes. Each step can be either handled as manual update or to a fully automatic scheduled process.