System Provisioning and Reconciliation


System provisioning and reconciliation

XProv is the application that populates voice switches, IMS systems or other target systems with the latest least cost routing (LCR) plans or LCR data in the appropriate open or proprietary format.

The switch update process can be manual to fully automated and provision the defined routing plans on the target systems.

The check function integrated in XProv compares routings loaded on the systems with planned routings and immediately shows any differences so that they can be corrected.

XProv supports routing plans with the underlying supplier and customer carriers’ daily varying price and quality change requirements. XProv thus enables a rapid response to possible market dynamics.


Supporting various Switch Technologies

XProv supports all the major manufacturers’ potential switching infrastructures and corresponding integration data or file formats:

  • Conventional TDM switches
  • Current VoIP switches and IMS systems
  • Fixed and/or mobile switch systems
  • Conventional TDM switches
  • Current VoIP switches and IMS systems
  • Fixed and/or mobile switch systems

Supporting hybrid and distributed Switch Infrastructures
Technically hybrid, geographically distributed or redundant systems (“multi-switch system worlds”) are supported.


  • Full or differential/partial switch provisioning can be performed using XCarrier.
  • Switching infrastructure placement and verification can be handled individually, manually or as a fully automated, scheduled process.

Check Functions
The integrated check functionality compares stored reference provisioning plans (target state) with current live system data (actual state) and prevents commercial routing errors.

Customer Added Value

Commercial security
The fully integrated XProv automation options reliably provide voice routings according to plans (precise destinations, time, money, capacity and quality) on the switch infrastructures either manually or fully automatically as an option.

XProv prevents commercial routing errors and enables high-quality operations.

Reliability and dependability
XProv’s flawless, error-free placement of planned voice routing supports the positive carrier image and clearly demonstrates the reliability and dependability of the using carrier.