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XConvert is a conversion-module you need when your CDR data input is in a raw / binary /encrypted / encoded format. The converter transforms the CDR information in a readable format (cleartext).

Based on the specification of each field you have a full documentation of your raw format and the output format after conversion. The high speed converter stands for huge data processing in no time at all. From known input streams to future requests, the customizable converter specification enables any modification easily. Rather than programming, you simply describe the data, which can be read in any format, and XConvert provides record-based structures that can be manipulated directly in the system. Multiple input streams can be handled in one module, with the maximum security of data integrity and completeness.

Like other XCarrier modules, the converter is flexible and can be adapted easily to changing conditions in your current and future setup, regardless which import system you are using. The framework supports rapid bulk changes, promotes ease of use and speeds time to resolution.