Calculation Bases and Reports


XStat creates the bases for individual invoicing, as well as for checking the incoming invoices.

The data is continuously provided so that subsequent process steps and applications can access the processed data. 

This means that billing information can generally be made available to end customers online.

What’s more, quality parameters are assigned to calls, destinations or aggregated destination groups and enable quality assessment and control for the benefit of switching routings (feedback loop control).


Cost Control Basics

  • XStat enables differentiated full cost control per call, destination, destination group or other groupings. This control is often used to hedge the popular flat market offers.
  • The application also forms the basis of ensuring invoice reconciliation with supplier carriers.

Operational Reporting, Statistics and Instructions

  • XStat creates reports and statistics with qualitative information for each destination, trunk or operator and can assign operational statuses to them, e.g. green, amber or red. The following quality parameters are measured regularly:
    • Average call duration (ACD): the average call duration (ACD) is calculated by taking the sum of the answered calls’ billable seconds and dividing it by the number of those answered calls.
    • Answer seizure ratio (ASR): the ASR is the ratio of successfully connected calls to the total number of connection attempts made and is indicative of a destination’s quality.
    • Network efficiency ratio (NER): the NER calculates the ratio of the number of call attempts displayed per destination divided by the number of total call attempts.
    • Post dial delay (PDD): post dial delay (PDD) is the measurement of how long it takes for a caller to hear a dial tone after initiating a call.
  • This information is necessary to claim alternative routes (routing overflows).
  • In SIP networks, re-routing is required when the bandwidth to the destination suddenly drops or jitter increases. XStat measures these parameters if the (da fehlt etwas im Skript?)

Customer Added Value

Rapid calculation bases
XStat prepares all the information for calculation bases.

Flat offer control
XStat enables controlling of per-second settlement (cost control) against flat offers from end customers.

Voice quality ensured
XStat prepares qualitative voice call parameters and provides a basis for making operational quality decisions manually or automatically.