Big Data Infrastruktur


Big Data Infrastructure

Big Data Infrastruktur

XCarrier’s database infrastructure is designed to meet its customers’ highest performance requirements. By this, Carrier Call means capturing, storing and processing data streams that are worthy of the name "big data".

Classic database systems cannot process huge amounts of data like Voice CDR or similar data in a reasonable amount of time. XCarrier relies on intense parallel processing through multiple processors and servers for these big data volumes. The following challenges are being met in this respect:

  • Processing of a very large number of data records
  • Processing of many columns/tables within one data record
  • Fast import of large volumes of data
  • Instant retrieval of imported data (real-time processing)
  • Short system response times (latency and processing time) even for complex queries
  • Ability to process many simultaneous queries (concurrent queries)
  • Analysis of different types of information (numbers, texts, images, etc.)

Oracle Dataguard

The infrastructure is based on Data Guard HA technology from Oracle.