Using XCarrier in the Telecom Sector


System and Business Challenges in the Telecom Sector

Operating global voice/VoIP networks (landline and cell) is complex and demanding for all market participants. Carriers and service providers must strike the right balance between cost, prices, margins, capacity, quality and security to run a profitable voice business.

Carriers and service providers must strike the right balance between cost, prices, margins, capacity, quality and security to run a profitable voice business.
At the same time, national and international data protection regulations, telecommunication regulations, financial and compliance rules determine how telecommunication carriers must run and report their business.

Fraud in the telecommunications sector unfortunately continues to be a major threat to all service providers and carriers. Due to the global nature and constant change of these threats, carriers must constantly adjust their daily actions to counter negative business impact, fraud and potential loss of revenue.

The XCarrier Platform meets these diametrically opposed demands and pressures from start to finish, while adding great value to the carriers and service providers who use XCarrier.

Position in the Telecom Sector

XCarrier is the leading development and operating platform for telecommunications and wholesale/carrier service providers. It integrates all the necessary infrastructure elements, databases (Big Data), functionalities, tools, system and file interfaces, as well as necessary applications, to ensure technical, commercial, legal and operational day-to-day business. It also provides a development environment for telecommunication-specific applications.

XCarrier provides telecommunications carriers with a continuous and uniform platform for mastering the following wholesale activities and more:

  • Continuous management of the switching infrastructures and surrounding systems including auto-provisioning and checking the physical and logical interconnection setup
  • Comprehensive interface options to implement any file and data transfer bidirectionally
  • Continuously auditable and traceable data and database management
  • Configuration and system management, including system monitoring, reporting and statistics
  • Enhanced commercial functionality for margin optimization, including wholesale trading (buy/sell) and planning/controlling bilateral agreements
  • Sophisticated and ideal routing management at various quality levels
  • Integrated rating and billing management, including billing submission (invoicing)
  • Smart/AI-learned security features to prevent fraud, spam and spoofing

By monitoring the full scope of all wholesale activities on a single platform, carriers and service providers can achieve their commercial and technical wholesale goals faster and streamline commercial agreements. They can also quickly detect fraud and automatically mitigate it in the integrated system environment, minimizing associated financial and reputational risk.

XCarrier’s Big Data Application Platform
Embedding in Carrier/Telecom Infrastructures

  • XCarrier is a high-performance Big Data and application platform. It processes well over 100 million data records per hour. It exploits the underlying computing power to the extreme. Additional computing power for scaling can be configured at any time if required.
  • XCarrier is built as a modular ecosystem and framework. The platform and the databases are fully configured from the XCarrier application, integrated into the system and operated with minimum personnel and zero maintenance, so they’re cost-optimized.
  • In addition to the highly automated application modules, XCarrier includes an open interface architecture that enables any integration of customer systems.

Carrier Infrastructures

Carrier Infrastrukturen

Carrier Interconnection

Carrier Interkonnektion

Mobile / SIP / PSTN

Mobile / SIP / PSTN
XCarrier Big Data- und Applikations-Plattform

XCarrier Big Data and Application Platform

Use of XCarrier in Telecom
Carrier/Wholesale Organizations

XCarrier supports all disciplines of an efficient wholesale carrier organization. From planning a voice service to correct billing, all units can benefit from the platform: market planning information up to the actual implemented data is available at any time.